What past senior model reps had to say about their experience...

CLASS 2024

  • Ava- I liked how April was very outgoing and bubbly and made me and my mom feel very welcomed!
  • Chloe - I liked being able to go different places and see different types of settings to take pictures.
  • Corbin - I liked meeting new people.
  • Cortney - What I loved about being on April’s team was all the new people I met and having fun together while being in beautiful pictures making new memories!
  • Eric - I like the themes of all the shoots.
  • Emma- I really loved being on the team this year. I met some amazing people!
  • Joey - I enjoyed meeting other girls and getting to know them during the photo shoots, and how easy it was to work the April.
  • Kelsey - I have had a great year and love the team and how April made it a comfortable place to be myself.
  • Kiera - I loved getting ready for the team shoots with the girls and how April always makes sure we feel comfortable. Being on the team has been such a fun experience!
  • Knox- While taking pictures was really fun, the team aspect was my favorite: the laughs between shots, the conversations, and even the awkwardness during was fun.
  • Madison- The team has given me amazing opportunities to make new friends and grow outside my comfort zone.
  • Makynna - What I loved about being on April’s senior team was how fun she is and that she made everything perfect for the individual and team shoots.
  • Maya - I enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone with outfits I would have never stuck myself in.
  • Olivia - I liked meeting new people and trying on different outfits.
  • Samantha - I liked being able to meet new people.
  • Shelly - What I loved about being on this team was the friendships and always having a laugh together every photoshop we had.

CLASS 2023

  • Alanna - I loved being a part of the team because it gave me so many new friends and amazing experiences.
  • Emaline - The girls on the team are all really sweet and April is really good at what she does and very creative.
  • Hallie - My experience shooting with April has been great. She’s so fun to shoot with and makes the whole process enjoyable.
  • Jordan - I love April and how she makes you feel so comfortable behind the camera, you can tell she loves what she does! Her pictures always turn out amazing! The team has been so fun to be on, all of the team shoots are so creative.
  • Kiersten- Being on the team this year has opened up the opportunity for me to express myself through modeling and has given me a chance to make great relationships with girls from different schools.
  • Landon - I liked that everyone on the team was accepting and had open arms! I also loved being able to step out of my comfort zone and have the opportunity to embark on a journey my dad set up for me even after his passing.
  • Madilyn - I loved how comfortable April made me feel during shoots! She was always super easy going and supportive!
  • Sonia -I never thought that taking pictures was my thing until I heard about April Moore. Once I got into looking at her pictures I knew she was the one that was going to do my senior pictures. Then I saw she had modeling team and looked more in depth into it, I gave it a shot! It’s actually really fun and you get to meet some amazing people that are a part of the team and are all nice. I recommend you join April Moore's Senior Model team just for fun or something try new!
  • Tegan - What I liked most about being on April Moore’s senior model team was the experience.

CLASS 2022

  • Brianna - I have loved my pictures. It’s been so great meeting new people and growing closer with my own classmates. I would encourage any girl to join this team.
  • Calli - I really enjoyed the experience of going to different shoots with my team and being able to meet girls from all over!
  • Isa - Being on April Moore's modeling team has been a very fun experience and has helped me become more confident.
  • Jaeda - I’ve loved working with April Moore because she is always working to bring my personality and uniqueness into each picture!
  • Kaydee - I loved being apart of April’s team because I got to meet so many new people, travel to amazing places, and the great pictures were a bonus!
  • Kaylee - My favorite part about being on the team is that I got to make so many new friends!
  • Kendall - I absolutely loved being a part of April Moore's team and the new friendships I have built!
  • Lillian - My experience on the team was very exciting and made me feel more confident in myself.
  • Liz - I loved getting to work with people from other schools and make memories.
  • Mariah - One thing I liked about being on the team was the experience, because it was definitely an overall great experience of what modeling is like and the fun of it and plus how us girls got to meet and make friends.
  • Sophia - I enjoyed getting unique pictures and meeting new people!
  • Taylor - Being on the team was a lot of fun!

CLASS 2021

  • Aubrey - I have loved every moment being a senior representative! I will cherish the laughs and positive energy that went into every shoot!
  • Audrey - It was extremely fun and I loved hanging out with all the girls!!! Getting my hair and makeup done before the team shoots has to be one of my favorite parts!!!!
  • Delanie - I had a blast being one of April’s senior reps and I loved the group of girls I was with.
  • Ema - My experience for the team was so fun, you get to meet new people, go to fun shoots and get so many great pictures!
  • Hannah – April was an amazing photographer and it was fun being on the team, I highly recommend it!
  • Jesenia - I loved bonding with all the girls on team and getting the outcome of the amazing shots.
  • Kayle - My experience on this team was very joyful. Getting to meet new people and being able to model for April was fun. And knowing what your getting yourself into was quite the fun.
  • Kennedie - Being on the senior model team has been an amazing experience that has given me some terrific memories!
  • Mady - I had so much fun with the team and I met so many great people during this experience. The pictures turned out great!!
  • Rileigh - My experience being on this team has not only been filled with laughs and amazing memories, but also with opportunities to connect with new people and visit new places.
  • Rylee - I had such a fun time getting together and taking pictures with all the girls! It was an awesome experience.

CLASS 2020

  • Ashley - Being on April’s team was such a wonderful opportunity! Working with her is an experience I won’t ever forget. All my senior pictures turned out amazing and I’ve gotten many compliments on them. I can’t thank April and my teammates enough for such a memorable and fun experience!
  • Austin - I liked the photos and different themes and it was fun because I met new people.
  • Daylen – I really enjoyed the team pictures with April! They were always fun and she had good ideas. I really enjoyed it.
  • Delaney - What I most enjoyed being on the AMC senior team was meeting new people and helping out by doing what I love. Working with April has been such a light and she is so fun to be around and great to joke with! Absolutely loved being on this team and being around people I can connect with.
  • Florisela - Being an AMC rep was a fun experience! I was able to meet new people and made me enjoy my last year of high school even more!! I enjoyed seeing new places around my community and seeing its beauty!
  • Giselle - I really liked how April had a diverse group of people! I enjoyed the shoots because I got to know everyone a little more. The shoots were really fun to dress up for and my favorite was the fair photo shoot. We had a good-sized group and I felt like we all got along great! Being a senior rep for April was definitely a highlight of my senior year!
  • Graclyn - The experience was definitely worthwhile. I had so much fun!! The team was a lot of fun to work with and meeting new people was awesome. I wish there would’ve been a couple more shoots but all in all it was great.
  • Haydn - I had a lot of fun. Interacting with the other models was fun and it was great to experience something I’ve never done before.
  • Jaylen - I really enjoyed shoots with April. They were a lot of fun!
  • Josh - The model team was a fun experience and I made memories that will last a lifetime.
  • LaShaun - I want to thank April for the opportunity to be on her eam, I had fun during our photo shoots and getting to meet new people. April is really good at what she does, thanks again!!
  • Mitch - It was a lot of fun!!! I'm so glad I got the opportunity!!!
  • Olivia - I had a wonderful experience, I enjoyed working with April and my peers. Everyone was so nice and flexible with time. The shoots were unique because we were able to go to new places with new people. I enjoyed having my makeup done and being part of a model team!
  • Reagan - I have enjoyed my time being on April’s model team!! I had so much fun getting ready for the shoots and making new friends!! I would recommend it to any senior!!
  • Riley - I loved working with everyone! It was so much fun and everyone was super friendly. I don't normally like getting dressed up, but it was made into a fun and unique experience. I loved all the places we got to shoot and the people I got to meet.
  • Skyler - I really enjoyed the team shoots! They were fun and different! My session showed my personality and style! Thankful for a fun experience!


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