It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

e. e. cummings

I love April and how she makes you feel so comfortable behind the camera, you can tell she loves what she does! Her pictures always turn out amazing! The team has been so fun to be on, all of the team shoots are so creative.

jordan kerkoff

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Below.....Senior and teen images that have been NATIONALLY PUBLISHED AND FEATURED!
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April Moore Creations seniors and teens have been nationally published over 25 times:

  • Senior Year Magazine: Bright Colors Edition 2019, Guys Edition 2019, Best of 2019, Fall 2021, and Fall of 2022, Sports Edition - 2023, Dance Edition - 2023, Studio A-D Fall 2023 . Senior Muse: Issue 26 - September 2023, Issue 20- September 2022 (Rock Star Award), Issue 15-December 2021 (Rock Star Award), Issue 14 September 2021 and Icon Issue 10 - Best of 2020. SeniorInspire - Fall 2020 and SeniorInspire Square Meet of 2023 Influencers, Senior Luxe Fall 2021 and Winter 2021, Inspiring Teens Magazine Issues 47, 49, 51, 53, 55, 67, 68, and 72, Teen Years Magazine Fall 2022 and Teen Years Magazine Fall 2023
  • Featured over 200 times, on these popular senior Instagram Pages PosePatch, Monochrome Seniors, Senior Style Guide, SeniorSzn Magazine, Senior Luxe, Senior Post, Senior Poise, Senior Photo Showcase, Senior Guys Style, Senior Muse, SeniorInspire, Senior Luxe, Seniors Shoutouts,, Inspiring Teens Magazine, Teen Years Magazine, Infinity Photography Magazine, Senior Year Magazine, and The Twelfth Year.

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